DataAcq++ was founded in 1990 to provide engineering consulting for instrumentation and motion control projects.  The initial company focus was on precision motion control for optical lithography equipment.  Our initial work focused on programming real-time systems using C and performing data analysis using MATLABTM.  Due to the complexity of programming in C, the time scale for most projects was measured in months or even years. 

In 1992, National Instruments ported the LabVIEWTM programming language to operate under Microsoft WindowsTM.  LabVIEW is a graphical programming language that is particularly well suited to applications that require data acquisition or interfacing with instruments that communicate via RS232 or IEEE-488.  We quickly realized the power of this new programming paradigm and DataAcq++ became a National Instruments Alliance Program Member in 1994.

Over the past 10 years, LabVIEW has consistently delivered on the promise of a more efficient tool for creating custom instrumentation systems.  The elegance of its graphical user interface coupled with the power of graphical programming has increased our productivity dramatically.  Projects that used to take weeks of effort, can often be completed in days.  This increase in productivity has also had the benefit of reducing the level of effort to perform an experiment.  In many cases, a prototype application to demonstrate proof of concept can be generated in few hours. 

Please contact us to discuss how we can use these tools to help you rapidly complete your projects.